Eric Klos, CEO and Founder, is a seasoned executive with broad health IT expertise and relevant entrepreneurial skills. Besides owning his own Federal Health IT consulting firm, Eric successfully co-founded an online competitive intelligence firm, G2Xchange Health. Inspired by a recognition that environmental factors have been long neglected by the medical community when it comes to personalized health, he founded HEALTHeWeather.

Key Advisors

Oron Strauss is a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience leading successful start-up ventures in the technology sector. He founded Net.Capitol and led its rapid growth and eventual sale to He has been part of the founding team at Babel Health, Pantheon, MOST Ventures, IDS International, SBS Studios, and High Heat Real Estate. He has served as a Director of IDS International, SBS Studios, New Media Strategies, and The Hanover Review, Inc., as well as an advisor to a number of other start-ups.

Mark Pruitt has been a nurse practitioner for 18 years primarily in allergy and immunology, but also has experience in primary care, emergency medicine, and clinical research.  Mark is the creator of Allergistic, developed by his co-founded software company, Riverbay Softworks.    Mark has long developed skills in software development, most recently, in iOS development utilizing Swift.  He echoes the frustrations of his fellow clinicians with the current state of medical software and his goal is to help develop more user-friendly tools for providers, patients, and research organizations.  Mark provides his on-the-ground perspective on DailyBreath and supports our efforts at standardizing our API framework for integration with existing allergy and asthma solutions in the market, starting with Allergistic.

Marjorie McGuirk, a Scientist, Professional Meteorologist, and Climatologist, consults in climate services, applying data to decisions in climate adaptation, mitigation and sustainability.  She leads CASE efforts to transform the latest scientific findings into real world decision-making, helping clients to introduce effective measures to build climate resilience into their strategies, activities and processes.  Marj led the evidence-based research for the correlation of weather and environmental exposure thresholds with increased asthma impacts and supported development of the DailyBreath Risk Index algorithm.

Additional Advisors

Andy Weixler, Vice President (consulting), an asthma patient himself, brings more than 15 years of experience directing product marketing, marketing communications, and branding efforts for software (Cloud/SaaS), high-growth technology, Health IT, and financial services businesses.

Akram Khan is the President of Pantheon, a Technology Services and Software Development firm headquartered in Arlington, VA. He serves as a technical advisor for HEALTHeWeather and brings 20 years of software development and technology management expertise to the team. Akram is a graduate of the College and William and Mary and the University of Virginia.

Wendra-Kate Klos is a licensed clinical social worker with experience in pediatric oncology, emergency care, and hospice care. Kate understands the downstream impact of weather and environmental factors not only on patient health and wellness, but on the healthcare system at the provider level.

Greg Eoyang is CTO of GrekTek building HealthyWatch, a proactive solution for those with heart conditions. Most recently, in 2012, he founded, a mobile app development company.  Involved in the initial development of the DailyBreath prototype, leveraging its’s Well-Connected mHealth platform, Greg continues to advise on mobile app development and go-to-market issues.