Sharing, Flare-Up Tracking, and Community (Public Health)

October 16th – It is a common instinct for us to seek out those who are experiencing health challenges like those that we ourselves may be experiencing, thus the success of ventures like PatientsLikeMe.  Because to date, allergy and asthma sufferers don’t know what they don’t know when it comes to the when, where, and what of triggers, DailyBreath should help them be location aware and weather informed to breathe healthy and avoid severe allergy symptoms or asthma attacks.

It’s in this vein that DailyBreath has developed features that permit you to share the app with other allergy and asthma sufferers in your own personal network.  By sharing DailyBreath with others who have allergies or asthma and, most likely, are members of your local community, we can grow our DailyBreath membership in a specific location where the tracking of flare-ups will begin to show real value to the allergy and asthma sufferers in that locale.

Sharing is quite easy.  Look for the share symbol to the upper right adjacent to ‘Your DailyBreath Risk Index is 2’.  When you click on that symbol you’ll be given the share options including texting or e-mailing.  You’ll share your DailyBreath risk index with the text recipients and encourage them to download DailyBreath to learn theirs.

During this volatile ragweed allergy season, specific locations in the US were rated as recently as December 2016 as Fall Allergy Capitals.  DailyBreath is targeting many of these locations for growth so that allergy and asthma sufferers in those communities can begin the dynamic flare-up tracking that will show members where they may experience symptoms. As cold weather begins in November, cold and dry air are often asthma triggers.  Often, it’s the abrupt change to cold and dry air which catches asthma sufferers by surprise.  We’ll be focused on areas of the country that will experience these changes.

We’re developing a Community Leaders program to cultivate local leaders in your allergy and asthma community who will take on the challenge of getting as many DailyBreath Community members as possible to increase its value both to themselves and to your community.  Stay tuned for more details regarding this program at HEALTHeWeather.

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