Ragweed – A Seasonal Allergy – This year: Increased Volume, Intensity, Duration

October 9th – It’s fortuitous that DailyBreath is launching during the peak of ragweed season for many across the country.  Multiple articles highlight that for various reasons, the volume, intensity, and duration of the ragweed pollen season are much worse than normal for many locations, including Austin, TX (a residual effect of Hurricane Harvey), and Bridgeport, CT (warmer temperatures later into October).

According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, 23 million Americans are allergic to one of 17 types of ragweed pollen.  Unfortunately, the extent of knowledge most American have about their allergies is that it’s likely ragweed pollen because they have allergy symptoms in the fall.  Only 60% who have allergies, have ever done allergy testing to determine their specific allergens.  Of particular note for those with allergic asthma, ragweed produces a fine-powder pollen that is particularly problematic as it is easily inhaled into one’s airway.  In the article about Austin, ragweed is as high as 18 feet tall which products a large amount of pollen and is dispersed in dense patterns when disturbed.

The warmer temperatures this year increases the amount and potentially, intensity, of ragweed pollen and it’s likely the season will be extended as warmer temperatures prevail well beyond normal.  A good resource to understand whether where you are located you may be susceptible to ragweed pollen exposure is the National Allergy Map at pollen.com.

But, it’s not enough to know generally where you may experience the impacts of your ragweed allergy.  We can be more precise and more personal.  DailyBreath is aimed at providing you the asthma patient, if you’re allergic to ragweed, the when, where and under what weather and environmental conditions the ragweed has been a contributing factor in causing a flare-up.  This allows you to see in your community where ragweed exposure is most impactful for you.  This allows us to understand (over time) your individual risk to that exposure.

DailyBreath, a service delivered through a mobile app, targets over 50 million Americans living with allergies and asthma with a daily personalized health weather forecast and dynamic flare-up tracking.  An Android version will be available in Google Play store in the future.  Download it now and catch the end of the ragweed allergy season so you are more location aware, weather informed, and health prepared this season.  This is a journey and the sooner you start it, the sooner you’ll benefit from the personalized weather insights that will lead to more symptom free days and healthier breathing.

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