Pantheon is HEALTHeWeather’s strategic and development partner. CASE Consultants International brings expert research and analysis, translating climate knowledge into practical results. Bluedoor is our acceleration partner for DailyBreath and other digital health solutions on the HEALTHeWeather roadmap. Startups Ignite fuels our growth through its time, energy, and start-up resources. HEALTHeWeather is a member of The Collider, an innovation center for market-driven, climate solutions, based in downtown Asheville, NC, known as ‘Climate City’.

Pantheon builds the software and applications that drive your business.”

Bluedoor partners with entrepreneurs and startups to take their product from design and development, piloting and validation, through to successful market launch.”

CASE Consultants International mainstreams climate knowledge through expert analysis into practical results. For DailyBreath, CASE Consultants evaluates study-based evidence of exposure impacts on respiratory conditions to determine thresholds for action.”

Startups Ignite invests time, energy, and resources into startup founders who are passionate and have dedicated themselves to; solving big challenges, creating something entirely new, tackling an old problem in a very new way. Who are willing to take risks, and work hard to make their vision a reality. We fuel game changing startups.”

“The Collider is an innovation center for market-driven, climate solutions, located in downtown ‘Climate City’ – Asheville, North Carolina, also home of NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information.”