Measuring the Increasing Threat of Daily Air Pollution

Asheville, NC – August 30, 2018 – Every day I read another article about the increased health impacts of our daily air pollution.  The World Health Organization estimates 4.2 million deaths every year as a result of exposure to ambient (outdoor) air pollution.  Unfortunately, the air pollution measurement infrastructure in the US and around the world is woefully inadequate to measure accurately air pollution and translate it into actionable information for those at risk.

I started DailyBreath with the philosophy of ‘don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good’, so we currently use the EPA AirNow data feed for air quality measurement data.  This is the best available source for the measurement of air quality in a geographic area.  Fixed sensors are too costly and cumbersome to deploy widely so a measurement device is often providing a reading that is then calculated for adjacent locations within a 25-mile radius.  Wearable sensors present a great opportunity, but pollution measurement, as well as pollen measurement pose great challenges in that they require the capture of particulates or pollen spores in a low-form factor chamber or in the case of pollen on what you might describe as fly paper.

With growing evidence that air pollution is causal, or potentially, to respiratory, cardiovascular, and neurological issues, DailyBreath is positioned as a platform (currently available only for US zip codes) to consume air quality and pollen measurement data as society’s capacity to measure these exposures matures in the future.  But, here in the US and across the world, we need to apply our industrial innovation to develop fixed sensors at a lower cost and with a lower form factor as well as brainstorm the disruptive wearable sensors that will allow every individual to measure the exposures they encounter to their person when they venture outside.

This requires stakeholders from industry, from science, from meteorology, from health around the world.  The threat is significant in the US, but even greater in China and India with populations over 1.4B and 1.3B respectively.  If we’re going to avoid the negative health outcomes that flow from air pollution, wildfires, and increased pollen; a robust measurement infrastructure from sensors to platforms to mobile technology is going to have to emerge to serve those who are most vulnerable.

It is this challenge that DailyBreath is embracing.  DailyBreath will connect to the closest available data sources for air quality and pollen measurement that are made available.  DailyBreath will bring personalized exposure health to the world, one patient at a time.

Authored by Eric Klos, CEO, DailyBreath.  DailyBreath is a personal allergy and asthma warning system based on patients learning their triggers.  If you suffer from allergies or asthma, or are a caregiver of one who does, please download DailyBreath from the Apple iTunes App store.