Back in School and Asthma Trigger Awareness

Nearly 6 million children living with asthma are now well back in school, which means parents and caregivers, teachers and coaches, and school nurses and administrators, need to know the asthma triggers for the children in their care.  More importantly they need to know the outdoor conditions that may impact these children.  The school is usually well prepped to mitigate potential indoor triggers, but what about the triggers right outside open windows, or on the playground, or by the bus stop.

For every zip code in the US, we calculate a DailyBreath Risk Index which estimates the relative increase in risk based on evidence for the convergence of weather with air pollution or pollen.  In addition, the DailyBreath App includes a community flare-up map which shows where DailyBreath users have recorded symptoms or flare-ups.  So, at a glance those stakeholders who have children with asthma in their care, can ascertain how the outdoor conditions might impact them, as well as see where other asthma patients have experienced flare-ups in proximity to their home or school.

Fall is a challenging season for children with asthma.  90% of children with asthma have ‘allergic asthma’ and a good percentage of them are allergic to ragweed.  Ragweed shows itself alongside roads, construction sites, and edge areas near tree lines of forested areas.  Kids may encounter ragweed near their bus stop.  Many schools are built next to wooded areas as a security precaution to protect access.  Those wooded areas often contain trees, plants, and weeds producing pollen impacting allergic asthma patients.

DailyBreath is a personal allergy and asthma learning and warning system based on a patient’s experience of triggers in their daily life, but it is also a valuable tool in community health by identifying where in the community your vulnerable patients are at risk of having attacks that lead to negative health outcomes.  Creating a weather informed, location-aware, and health prepared population will help them, and you, support these vulnerable children as they seek a symptom-free day of learning, growth, and fun.

Authored by Eric Klos, CEO, DailyBreath.  DailyBreath is a personal allergy and asthma learning and warning system based on a patient’s experience of triggers in their daily life. If you suffer from allergies or asthma, or are a caregiver of one who does, please text DBNOW to 41411 to download DailyBreath from the Apple iTunes App store.