A Primer on DailyBreath

October 10th – Now that I’ve detailed the value proposition for DailyBreath, let’s get into the use of the app on a daily basis.  We’re receiving feedback from users and doing our own customer interviews to develop our updates and improve the product as quickly as possible.  We haven’t asked a lot for you to include in your profile.  For now, just selecting whether you have asthma, allergies (and what type), or both is all that we request.

Under settings, you have the option of selecting a default zip code or just selecting that you want to use the iPhone’s location-based setting.  We offer you the option of receiving notifications to check your DailyBreath at four different times of the day, at 6AM in the morning, at Noon, at 3PM which is when your kids are being let out of school, and at 6PM.  Finally, we require you to opt-in if you want to participate in having your flare-ups recorded on the DailyBreath Community Flare-up Map.

Once you’ve done those steps you’re ready for DailyBreath to deliver a risk index and daily recommendations for you each day based on the weather and environmental data retrieved and applied against our evidence-based DailyBreath Risk Index Algorithm.  This risk index is indicated by a number on the left and identification of prevailing factors on the right. If you click on this section of the app, you’ll view weather details for the day.  And, you can share your DailyBreath Risk Index with a friend, so that they can download DailyBreath.

The 2nd part of the main screen is the DailyBreath Community Flare-up Map.  On this map, you’ll be able to view flare-ups of other members of the community that are close to you, within a 10-mile radius, that have been recorded within the last four hours.  On that map, you will also see a red button, entitled Record your Flare-up.  Clicking on this button brings up the Record Your Flare-up screen.  This is what allows us to begin to generate value to the community and, ultimately, you yourself, by recording the when, where, and what weather and environmental conditions are causal factors in your flare-up.

Now if you want to start tracking those flare-ups and contributing towards your own personalized risk index, you must sign up for DailyBreath Personalized (1-year subscription of .99 renewing annually).  Look for Upgrade to Personalized under Settings.  In addition to aggregating your flare-ups until we can create a statistically valid personalized risk index, we’ll offer personalization features including the ability to view your last 5 flare-ups on a map, as well as view a table of variable thresholds.  This begins to show you where and under what conditions you may be individually susceptible.  Additional features are forthcoming for the Personalized service.

So, start this journey today.  Text ‘DBnow’ to 41411 to download DailyBreath.  By being location aware, and weather informed, we hope to bring you peace of mind and confidence that you are health prepared as you head outdoors and not at the mercy of the weather and environment that you may encounter.

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Authored by Eric Klos, Founder and CEO of HEALTHeWeather, this blog is related to weather and environmental factors impacting patient health. TEXT ‘DBnow’ to 41411 to download DailyBreath from the Apple iTunes App store. Sign up here to receive the Android version when it becomes available in the future.